Andisheh hozhabr (born may 10, 1992), is an Iranian hard rock/heavy metal guitarist. He is best known for being the founder of the AndishiA & Wake of shame band . he is also a guest member of thrash metal band electroqute , Andisheh started playing when he was 9 , at the age of the 16 started teaching guitars and formed a band and named it AndishiA according to his nick name which was created by his sister .

AndishiA Released his first Album in 2015 in Mashhad for the first time .
The Album includes 10 Tracks .
He Wrotes the Songs during his teenage years  , The album  influenced by Paul gilbert , Vinnie moore , Yngwie malmsteen & etc ….

The Songs represents Melodic , Neu Classical , Hard Rock and heavy metal Composing
The First Performance of the Album was in Mashhad and he started touring in different Cities like Tehran , Gorgan , Mashhad , Torbat , Karaj & etc .
in 2016 he worked with lots of musicians on the stage as guest members and the last gig of the 18.1.81 was performed with 16 of his best students and many of great local musicians in Mashhad

Me , Myself & I

In 2017 AndishiA released Another Album as different Project – The Album was released as Wake of shame Band & the Album title was ME , MYSELF & I .

AndishiA wrote the Album during tour – The Style of wake of shame band was different and He wanted to release it as a side project .

The Recording Process of the album was complicated

At first they had an agreement with managers who AndishiA met in istanbul
according to their agreement they had to record the album and finish it in karaj in 2 months , Andishia and fred ( Bass player ) traveled to karaj to start the project but as soon as they arrived the managers told them to finish the album in just 2 days & AndishiA disagreed and left the town and returned to mashhad to start the work by their own

They started Recording the Album at SAM STUDIO in Mashhad , their first choice of the recording process was the analog recording which they recorded the whole album , during the time they met another manager who asked them not to use the analog materials and delete them ..

After a long time of working on the album and finishing it , they waited for the manager to do rest of the works which included mixing , mastering & Producing but it never happened and they fired him after almost 1 year .

The project started again but this time they used the analog & the digital files for the final mixdown .




AndishiA Released Another Album in 2019 

Hun-Mikhd is the Third Album of AndishiA which He invited great Musicians and Players as Guest Members including Homayoun Mjadzadeh , Ali Azhari , Amir Vafaee , Reza Gholami , Hesam Elhamifar , Andre Khachikian , Ayden Hasanzadeh & Navid Arbabian

The Style of the songs is mix of & Heavier Materials

The Album was recorded in 1 year and released with 9 Tracks

Songs & Guests
1- Hater around feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass

2- A road to risk feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass

3- Beyonad us feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass – Ali azhari on Guitars –  Homayoun majdzadeh on Guitars

4-Easter Rules feat Navid arbabian on Bass

5-Teusday’s night feat Navid arbabian on bass – Ali azhari on Guitars

6-Fandishqute which stands for Farshid Kazemi , AndishiA & Electroqute
The song was written by Amir Vafaee ( Composer & Guitarist of Electroqute )
Farshid Kazemi on Guitars – Amir Vafaee on Guitars – Reza gholami on Bass

7-Shameless feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass – Aiden Hasanzadeh on Guitars – Andre khachikian on Guitars

8- Universal code feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass

9- Conclusion feat Hesam Elhamifar on Bass


Hun-Mikhd was Released in Tehran for the first time and it was released in Mashhad after 6 months

59 minutes to fifteen

Right after Hun-Mikhd was released in 2019 , AndishiA started writing & recording his new album which he named it 59 minutes to fifteen. The album sounds more heavier than the other albums according to the listeners.

The songs and the cover art has been a mystery since it was released in 2021

Most of the listeners could find evidence related to his personal life, like the broken guitar at the corner of the cover art or the smoke from an explosion in the picture & …

Album includes 9 tracks

1-Back to insanity which is the first track of the album and the first song he wrote for this album .

2-Less is Less

3-Bled & Broken which was written and recorded after the accident that happened to his right arm when he was moving to another house . he was not able to play for 6 months

The injury was so bad which he wasn’t able to move his wrist for a long time , and the reason he named this song Bled & Broken was the injury and broken glass who fell on his right hand.


4-Ladan – This song is written about his wife Ladan , AndishiA wrote the song on the key of A to match it with his wife’s name LA-dan which starts with LA meaning A in music World.


5-Changing ways


6-The End of me – AndishiA performed this song on HUN-MIKHD Opening Ceremony as a gift and thank you for the audience and explained why he chose this name and said “I felt this is the last song i was able to write cause I felt empty inside and out of creativity and that’s why I called it THE END OF ME but turns out I could do more ” AndishiA said.


7-Butterfly effect




9-The World is dead – this was the last song he wrote for this album and it wasn’t suppose to be on the album but at the end he decided to add it on the list .
you can Watch the MUSIC VIDEO HERE 




Depophobia is 5th studio album of AndishiA which he told the fans he is going to release in 2023 .


Depophobia is a combination of two words DEPRESSION & PHOBIA which means fear of falling into the darkness of depression again according to his explanation.


He also said he wrote and record the whole album in only two months which was surprising & exciting for himself as well , He added ” I had no idea what to do next but suddenly everything popped up in my mind and I had to capture the moment and use every single melody that was coming to my head.

The Album includes 9 tracks and the name of the songs is still untold.